We provide the following services for electrical installation:

- Installation of overhead power lines 0.23 - 10 kV, 35kV
- laying of cable lines 0.23 - 10 kW in the trenches
- trenchless laying of cable lines
- installation of 0.4 - 10 kV cable line intermediate and terminal boxes
- tracing of underground utilities and piping
- finding and eliminating damage to the insulation of CL 0.4 - 10 kV
- installation of grounding devices
- assembly and installation of capacitor banks, control panels, automation
- installation of 10/0,4 kV transformer substations with subsequent commissioning.

Tekhnoizol company performs works to identify zones of damage to cable lines (CL), and then clarify the damage directly on the CL track and later remove them by setting the cable joints.

We carry out the above-mentioned works using a device, called a FLIGHT-305 reflectometer using the method of pulse reflectometry.

The device sends a short current pulse to the cable, which reaches the damage zone, and is reflected back. Nature of the cable damage (short circuit or open circuit) is determined from the images that appear on the device screen.

The advantages of this method are the speed, visibility and ease of measurement; possibility to determine all types of damage, including in different locations of the cable, thus it is usually enough to make measurements at one end of the line without making any connections at the opposite end thereof, regardless of the type and length of the cable line.

Upon completion, you get a visual diagram of all the damages on the entire CL track, old couplings and branch lines.

Tekhnoizol company provides services for the detection and elimination different types of damage of power cable lines.

The main requirements of our time for the search of underground communications are the accuracy and speed of measurement.

RD7000+ line locator includes all the necessary elements, which a modern device must have. The device reliably detects the required cable, even in areas of location of main cables of complex electrical networks, designed for use in areas where elevated magnetic fields generated by high voltage equipment and cables can prevent accurate locating.

In addition, RD7000+ includes the function of damage detection in network cable isolation.

It is also the perfect tool for location of pipelines at a depth of 15 meters.

This service is for those who need to have a clear idea of ​​the location, depth and direction of the hidden underground utility networks during earthworks. Works are carried out in the territory of Ukraine at any convenient time for you.